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Published: Tuesday 17th March 2020 15:00

Mr Mohammed Shafiq, CEO of the Ramadhan Foundation comments:


“I welcome today’s guilty verdict of Hashem Abedi in the Manchester Arena bombing in May 2017. 

The Ramadhan Foundation wants to pay tribute to the families of the victims, the survivors and citizens of our great city. Their dignity over these past two years have been truly inspiring and I want to reiterate our support and love for them all. 

This was one of the most heinous crimes committed in this Country, people attending a concert killed and injured by an evil man supported by his brother.  Hashem’s inability to tell the truth and spare the families further turmoil is an indication of his disregard for the victims and their families. 

The Ramadhan Foundation once again reiterates our absolute opposition to terrorism in all its form. It has no justification in Islamic teaching and history. 

Manchester was tested on that evil night but with unity, dignity and love our city prevailed; the media may have moved on but our City remains the greatest place to live. 

With the upcoming public inquiry to come, we look forward to hearing how we can learn lessons and make our response stronger in terms of logistics and protecting our citizens. 

We stand together against this evil and we will not be defeated by such deranged and brainwashed individuals. 

The British Muslim community is working closely with the Police, intelligence agencies to protect our Country. We have an Islamic duty to do whatever we can to keep our nation safe. 

Finally I hope the families take comfort that Hashem Abedi has been held to account for his crimes and will not be able to escape justice. 


For all media enquiries and interview requests please call Mohammed Shafiq on 07939 016785 mohammed.shafiq@ramadhanfoundation.co.uk (Media only)


1) The Ramadhan Foundation is based in Greater Manchester and working to build cohesion between communities since 2005.

2) Mohammed Shafiq the Chief Executive of the Foundation was subject to death threats from terrorist groups in 2013 for our work against terrorism.

3) The Ramadhan Foundation was founded in 2005 and is based in Greater Manchester.

Mr Mohammed Shafiq 

Chief Executive, Ramadhan Foundation


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