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Published: Friday 29th November 2019 17:30

Shaykh Muhammad Umar, Chairman of the Ramadhan Foundation comments: 

“I strongly condemn the London Bridge terrorist attack this afternoon. British Muslims stand with the victims and their families. We cannot begin to understand how the families are feeling but they can take comfort that the whole nation is with them.

I would like to pay tribute to the brave members of the public who confronted the terrorist and ensured he was not able to attack any more people. They exemplified the best of humanity and went towards danger not aware what could happen to them. The Police are investigating this as a terrorist incident, and we call upon anyone with any information or evidence to report to the authorities.

I want to pay tribute to the Emergency services who have helped in the aftermath and through their bravery stopped the attack from being more brutal. This terrorist attack was deliberately scheduled to disrupt our general election campaign, we must not allow it to derail our democracy. In the days ahead we should stop the political point scoring and unite as a Nation.

The Ramadhan Foundation reiterates its condemnation of all terrorism and violence. It can never be justified. Whether in London Bridge, Manchester, Christchurch or Halle, all communities will come together. The terrorist set out to divide communities, we must not allow anyone to seek to amplify their evil propaganda and do the work of the terrorists.

The city of London is a vibrant, diverse, united place and hatred, violence and terrorism will never be able to divide us. We are heartened with the additional presence of police on the streets which offer reassurances that the authorities will do everything to keep us safe.”


1) The Ramadhan Foundation is based in Greater Manchester and working to build cohesion between communities since 2005.

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