Tommy Robinson banned from Facebook and Instagram

Published: Tuesday 26th February 2019 13:00

Shaykh Muhammad Umar, Chairmanof the Ramadhan Foundation comments: 

“I welcome the decision by Facebook to ban the well known Fascist Tommy Robinson from their platforms of Facebook and Instagram. 

I can reveal I recently held meetings with Facebook representatives in London to discuss the concern of the British Muslim community that Tommy Robinson’s continued presence on Social media was leading to further radicalisation of his supporters and brainwashing them into supporting his racism towards all Muslims.  I want to thank Facebook for their action in banning this individual and their promises to taken serious action against hate speech wherever it comes from. 

I have to be clear this is not about free speech or silencing criticism or questioning of Islam and Muslims, this is about hate speech and hatred towards one community which is evident across various networks.  Tommy Robinson has spent years directing hatred towards Muslims, targeting innocent Muslims with his inflammatory speeches and videos on social media.  We know the Finsbury Park Mosque terrorist Darren Osborne was inspired by Tommy’s videos and his targeting of one community.  Therefore, we know what affect these videos and posts have on our community.  

I can confirm that the Ramadhan Foundation has reached out to Google and YouTube representatives here in London to push them to take similar action to ban Tommy Robinson and look forward to meeting them in the coming weeks. 

If you promote hatred towards Muslims or other minority communities, the Ramadhan Foundation will not remain silent.” 


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