Published: Monday 17th January 2022 16:00

Mohammed Shafiq, CEO of the Ramadhan Foundation comments:   

"We would like to condemn the anti-Semitic hostage-taking incident at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Texas; all places of worship are sacred and worthy of protection and this incident should be seen as an attack against all communities.  When the Christchurch Mosque Terrorist attack or the Charleston Church attack happened faith communities stood together and this is no different: we must stand united. 

To members of the Jewish community we feel your pain, we stand with you and see this as an attack also against Islamic teaching.   Then naming of the deceased man as someone from the UK and Blackburn is a shocking development which brings it closer to home for so many of us here in the UK.  The Ramadhan Foundation would appeal for the investigation to be given the space to determine the evidence and circumstances around the incident.  

We welcome the condemnation from the family of Aafia Siddique of this incident and note that the only way to address these issues is through peaceful methods and within the remit of laws in our respective countries.   

The days ahead will bring media attention to the Muslim communities of Blackburn and the UK; we will not let that coverage be dominated by the actions of one individual or his action.  We remind everyone that Islam teaches us tolerance, respect and the sanctity of all places of worship.  

Any acts of violence directed towards Muslims, our Mosques or our communities should be dealt with the same resolve; we remain ready to support the authorities in ensuring all communities are protected. END for media enquiries please contact 



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