Ramadhan Foundation Press Release

Shamima Begum - the right decision

Published: Wednesday 16th July 2020 10:45

Shaykh Muhammad Umar, Chairman of the Ramadhan Foundation comments: 

“The decision of the Court of Appeal to allow Shamima Begum to return to the UK is the right decision and British citizens should welcome it. 

This is not about any alleged crimes she may have committed but about the principle you cannot have a two tier citizenship where those of a certain ethnic background born in this country are treated differently to their white counterparts. 

ISIS were and are an evil entity which we as British Muslims oppose strongly. They are an affront to our faith. They are responsible for some of the most heinous crimes and they should be brought to justice. 

Shamima Begum should be held to account for any crimes she may have been committed but what cannot and should not happen is for politicians to make decisions in their own political interests to appear as if they are tough. 

The Court of Appeal has recognised that citizenship cannot be taken away from people who will become stateless and sent to a country where they have never been just because their parents came from that Country. 

This is a great victory for all those that believe in an equal society and oppose discrimination in applying citizenship rules. 

I hope she returns to the UK and is held to account for her alleged crimes like any other British citizen.”


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