New Zealand Mosque Terrorist Attacks

Published: Friday 15th March 2019 06:30

Mr Mohammed Shafiq, CEO of the Ramadhan Foundation comments:

“I strongly condemn the terrorist attacks on two Mosques in Christchurch New Zealand early today by far right extremists inspired by their hatred of Muslims and Islam. Over 40 people killed and many injured attending prayers. 

We stand resolutely with our brothers and sisters in New Zealand and send our prayers and condolences to the families of the victims and those injured.   Human life and places of worship are sacred and we mourn the loss of life. 

An attack on a place of worship is an attack against all faiths, I’m confident that in the days ahead you will see all communities come together.

This sadly is not an isolated incident, for many years commentators, the media, politicians and far right extremists have dehumanised Islam and Muslims, have perpetuated the narrative that Muslims are responsible for the “ills of the world” and that our lives are not worthy of defence. 

This casual Islamaphobia which is denied by these extremists has become the acceptable norm in societies around the Western world and we are living with the consequences of this racism.  Only this week Douglas Murray the Anti Islam writer tried to create different levels of racism by saying Islamaphobia isn’t the same as Anti semitism which is an example of what is said has impacts and consequences. 

The Ramadhan Foundation calls on the extensive action against these far right groups around the world, they should be held to account for their actions and bigotry. Silence is no longer an option. 

We call on Governments around the world to step up security for Mosques and Islamic Centres, the days ahead will be full of mourning and sadness but together as one human family we will prevail”


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