Manchester Victoria terrorist attack

Published: 1st January 2019 12:00pm

Mr Mohammed Shafiq Chief Executive, of the Ramadhan Foundation comments:

“I strongly condemn the terrorist attack at Manchester Victoria Station, it was a despicable and evil attack at a time when there should have been joy and happiness at the New Years celebrations. 

The terrorist’s aim was to kill and injure as many people as possible but due to the bravery of the police, he was stopped.  I pay tribute to the Police and emergency services who as so often put their lives at risk to protect the country.

My prayers and thoughts are with the three victims and their families.

The threat from terrorism is real and has  not disappeared - whether it is the evil ISIS or Al Qaeda or far right terrorists. Their ambition is the same and that is to divide communities and our aim should to be to unite against their evil. 

For as long as the evil ideology of justifying using violence against innocent people or political purposes exists the threat exists. The Ramadhan Foundation has hosted three counter terrorism conferences in Manchester, has been engaged in countering the terrorist narrative for over ten years and will continue our work regardless of the threats we face. 

Finally I urge for calm in Manchester and across the country and call for people to support the Police and Intelligence Agencies as they investigate this terrorist attack. 

Manchester is a vibrant city and will never to cowered by terrorists. We will always stand united and will prevail”


Notes for Editors

 1) The Ramadhan Foundation is based in Greater Manchester and working to build cohesion between communities since 2005.  

2) Mohammed Shafiq the Chief Executive of the Foundation was subject to death threats from terrorist groups in 2013 for our work against terrorism.  

3) The Ramadhan Foundation was founded in 2005 and is based in Greater Manchester. 

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