Ramadhan Foundation Press Release


Published: Monday 16th November 2021 19:30

Shaykh Muhammad Umar, Chairman of the Ramadhan Foundation comments: 


“The naming of the suspected terrorist in the Liverpool Women's Hospital is a chilling reminder of the constant threat we face from terrorism. The Ramadhan Foundation pays tribute to the emergency services for their swift action and dedication. 

We join the nation in paying tribute to the taxi driver David Perry and wish him well as he recovers from this ordeal. 

These terrorists are an evil entity which we as British Muslims oppose strongly. They are an affront to our faith. They are responsible for some of the most heinous crimes and they should be brought to justice. 

As the Police Investigation continues; we urge anyone with information to contact the police.  The terrorists set out to divide communities and in the days to come we must not allow them to succeed. 

Liverpool is a tolerant and diverse city which prides itself on its inclusivity and protection of all communities. The Ramadhan Foundation stands with the people of this great city. The terrorists will never win.  

Any attempt to demonise or attack British Muslims in the aftermath of this terrorist attack should be condemned. We are standing resolutely against terrorism and will do whatever to expose their evil crimes and ideology. 

Only through unity can we defeat them. 



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