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Published: Thursday 20th February 2020 10:00

Shaykh Muhammad Umar, Chairman of the Ramadhan Foundation comments: 

“I strongly condemn the far right terrorist attack In Hanau in which innocent people going about their lives were brutally shot and killed. This Far Right attack against Muslims was an attack against all faiths and communities. 

This terrorism has not come in isolation rather it has been amplified by the anti Muslim rhetoric perpetuated by politician and some elements of the media. 

In the coverage of this Far Right terrorism we can measure the double standards in media coverage, had it been a Muslim terrorist we would have seen blanket coverage but four - five minutes at the top of programmes is not acceptable. 

At a time when Islamophobic figures are given a media platform we should not be surprised by lunatics using guns to kill people. 

When you dehumanise a whole community you get a reaction. 

The Ramadhan Foundation has been consistent against terrorism, we have been on the front line of confronting of the evil cancer and now it requires all of us to confront the far right in the same unity and commitment. 

No more excuses, blaming the victims (Muslims), trying to explain it - call it out simply as terrorism and don’t treat it any different. 

I have written today to all Mosques in the United Kingdom as Friday Prayers Are upon us to step up security and precautions. Obviously areas like shisha cafes will need to consider extra precautions. 

We will not be defeated and silenced”



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