Biography of Shaykh Muhammad Umar Bin Ramadhan - The Chairman of the Ramadhan Foundation

Shaykh Muhammad Umar is the Chairman of Ramadhan Foundation. He is the son of the great Gnostic Shaykh Muhammad Ramadhan (may Allah bless him and sanctify his secrets).

He became the youngest person to be interviewed on the World's renowned BBC HardTalk to discuss the July 7th terrorist attacks in London and the response from the Muslim community in the UK.
With a high media profile focused on imparting Islamic knowledge to both Muslims and non Muslims alike. He has delivered lectures throughout the world on a variety of topics including the Muslim role in the west, interfaith and peaceful co-existence.

One of his central messages is to promote tolerance and peaceful co-existence. His search for the truth has taken him to various places of the world from the deserts of Mauritania to Morocco, Egypt and Europe. He was blessed enough to have been given the great opportunity of sitting and learning from some of the most learned and noble scholars alive today.

He studied and gained traditional Ijaza (certificates) from many scholars amongst them were Sayyed al Hafidh Hasan ben as Siddiq al Ghumari al Hasani (Morocco), Sayyed Dr Abdul Qadir Jillani (Pakistan), Sayyed Abdullah al Talidi al Hasani (Morocco), Shaykh Dr Mahmood Said Mamdhu (Egypt), Shaykh Muhammad as Shanqiti (Mauritania) and many more.

He visited and met with the late grand Muhaddith of the Haramain, al-Sharif Al- Sayyid Muhammad al-Hasan ibn Alawi al Makki al Maliki (rah) who granted him an authorisation in all his certificates commonly known as Ijazah Amm.

Shaykh Muhammad Umar currently resides with his wife and two sons in Greater Manchester


"The Ramadhan Foundation is leading the fightback against ISIS."

–Shaykh Muhammad Umar Bin Ramadhan-

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